Day 58 & 59 – Enjoying All There is in Aix Provence πŸ˜Š

Spending yesterday in Aix and after coffee this morning we were all ready to see the Markets! Saturday is one of the largest clothes, home goods, food & a few surprises. Steve & Jim joined us for awhile but there is a lot of stop & go when there are so many vendors & way to much to see.Cindy & I continued our power shopping until it was time to meet up with them.When we got to the food part of the market it was a continuous stream of breads, cheeses πŸ§€, sausages, vegetables πŸ… & fruit. Jim was so impressed by the heirloom tomatoes we brought some home. Then it was time to choose something to eat. I loved my roasted chicken & potatoes πŸ₯” in a bag & the others ate Paella.After an afternoon in the sunshine we headed back to the hotel to get our bags.We drove back to Antibes with our shopping πŸ› bags & goodies for our last night feast & of course our memories.οΏΌ Our last evening dinner (8:30 pm) we made a smorgasbord of our market finds, quiche & wine 🍷. It was the most fun you can have in Aix Provence in 24 hours.Our early wake up to leave our apartment with a weeks of guests coming & going, good food and sunshine β˜€οΈ. Life is good…,,We arrived at the Nice airport for our day long journey home.And Steve & I have our thoughts πŸ’­ of our next adventure. 🌏Look for my recap of “Foods of our Travels” Thanks for reading!


Day 57 – Arriving in Aix Provence

This morning we left Antibes to for our 1hour 40 minute car ride to Aix Provence. We are staying overnight and meeting Dominic for dinner. We had time to check in before we headed to Les Deux Garcones for lunch. Omelets for the ladies, Oysters for the men. Great start to walk the Old Town. Steve & I stayed here 2 years ago right on this street for a week. We rented a beautiful apartment with a garden. Took a picture of the entrance to the building.Walking through the winding streets finding so many things around every corner.We decided to hike up to the Musee Garnet. My favorite artist, Cezanne…..speaks for it self. A stop to have a favorite snack, A MadelineπŸ˜‹ We all loved them! I had a rum raisin,wow.Tonight we were meeting Dominic at this restaurant The Philosopher.Good friends, delicious food and many laughs gave this evening many memories. We missed you Sylvie but I know I will will see you again soon. Thank you Dominic always making our stay in πŸ‡«πŸ‡· France a beautiful memory.Au revoir!❀️

Day 56 – A Day By The Sea πŸŒŠ

Today I was up & starting the laundry early. I’be really been trying to be on top of things & enjoying my last days in Antibes. Today was the clothes market day so Cindy & I we’re off. After a couple of hours we met up with Steve & Jim for crepes….mmmNot only we’re they delicious πŸ˜‹ but the sun β˜€οΈ was a perfect combination for lunch. Took the bus to Juan-Le-Pins, a beach front town about a 15 minute ride away & enjoyed the 🏝 beach.Cindy soaking up the sun.Steve & I on the boardwalk people watching. We decided to go for a drink on the beach.Toasting to friendships and a perfect afternoon.Tonight Jim & Cindy made dinner after a trip to the Poisson, fish market & the Bouchere, the meat πŸ– market. What an delicious dinner!Conquille St. Jacque or scallops. What s foodie day!Hope you had a good day & as always thanks for reading πŸ“–!

Day 55 – Le Trophee, Monaco πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ & Nice

Today we got in the car and headed for Le Trophee. This is our second time in 2 weeks driving the Corniches and I was in the back seat.😬We are here in Le Trophee!First we had to admire this enormous monument & then visit the museum for some photo opts.This town is probably one of my favorites because it still has its village charm. Cheers to that!We drove to Monaco from there navigating the most difficult part of the corniches (hairpin turns). I think everyone should go there at least once to experience it. Glad Jim & Cindy came along for the ride, views & a little gambling 🎰.

Last stop..the stone castle town of Eze. It’s still a home for many with restaurants, artists, trinkets and has two hotels. We opted for the 5 star one for a drink & a snack on their patio.Last stop was the city of Nice. Love this city as it has a NYC vibe with people everywhere, high end stores, restaurants, hotels but with a slower pace. I feel part of this city every-time we go there. After a stop by the sea we found a delicious Italian restaurant for dinner 🍽.I think everyone enjoyed it. Another beautiful day 🌞

Day 54 – Hanging Around Town

This morning we woke up to a very windy 🌬 day. Cindy & Jim walked down by the sea 🌊 with me which was a wild scene. The waves were hitting the wall & splashing the people going by. We headed back to the apartment to meet Steve & find a place for lunch. So glad we found a table at the Clemenceau cafe.Jim & I were enjoying this beautiful sunny 😎 day sitting across Cindy & Steve. Two guys were playing 🎢 music across the street. The food was good too!Coquille Saint Jacque Banana Rum Raisin Crepe

Walking back through town we stopped in the Abstinence Bar🎩.Nothing like a drink 🍹& a funny hat. Off to see the works of Picasso .

The Grimaldi Castle is home to this beautiful museum that follows the years of his works. So many churches with architecture that gives you a glimpse of the past. As always I like to have a picture in good taste and/or for the art lovers.😁 Jim & Cindy are making dinner tonight. Fresh white fish, can hardly wait! We are off to Monaco πŸ‡²πŸ‡¨ tomorrow and then dinner in Nice. Time to get some sleep πŸ’€.

Day 53 – Cap D’Antibes

This morning we were ready to go with our guests Jim & Cindy on a hike. We got on a 🚎 bus to walk and walked to the trailhead. The first part of the hike in this direction was probably the most beautiful sight you could experience on foot.We were off and hiking, taking pictures and watching our footing all the way. These pic’s speak for themselves.The beginning…In awe….the trek…..The beauty,..

Happy to do this again ..What a great lunch….Just taking in the viewsπŸ’•Headed back to Antibes on the bus. Tonight the guys made dinner on the grill & toasted to our family & friends visiting us in πŸ‡«πŸ‡· France. Tomorrow Tom & Sharon fly to Rome. Jim & Cindy will continue to stay with us & enjoy the weather, food and travel to Ax Provence this week. Such an amazing day!Thank you for following us!

Day 51 & 52 – A Busy Weekend

Saturday morning Steve & I took our walk around the Port of Antibes. We were talking about our game plan for tonight & tomorrow. We walked through the antique market & crossed the wall for the views. Love my walks!

Dominic & Sylive we’re coming this evening & we had a reservation for dinner for 6 at Abergene, a small husband & wife run restaurant. Food was very good & conversation was too!Steve had Bouillabaisse & dessertsEveryone slept πŸ› well that night! Steve went to meet Jim & Cindy at the Nice airport while I prepared for our Garden Party. I was so happy that Sylive was able to go to the morning market with me. She was able to speak to everyone quickly as we gathered fresh vegetables πŸ…, olives, an anchovy mousse & a stop in the Boulangerie for pain. Voila! A new tablecloth, Merci SyliveπŸ’• Good food, friends & conversation make for the wonderful memories ❀️. Priceless..I just want to let you know that in all the excitement I did not take 1 picture of the amazing food. We had fresh vegetables with a olive oil 🌿 basil dip, pΓ’tΓ©s, quiche, pain, tapenade, πŸ§€ cheeses, greens πŸ₯¬ & cherry tomato’s πŸ…. Let me not forget Guy ( Gee) whom brought some special Rose! Thank you all for the priceless memories…and all of you for πŸ“– reading.

Day 50 – Slow & Steady

We really had a slow start today. We lingered over our coffee β˜•οΈ & πŸ₯croissant. We stopped in town to drop off our trash & found out that there is a strike. What s mess! Glad we don’t live that close. Found a new street! It was to warm for the scarf so I took it off. So glad I wore a tee under the leather jacket! It seemed so quiet on my walk but I didn’t mind. Even this lone bird seemed content on another beautiful day.We of course stopped at the market because Steve was cooking tonight. We headed home to finish the laundry 🧺 with our goodies from the market.We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning & making plans for the arrival of our friends Jim & Cindy on Sunday. We are having a garden party in our solarium with our 10 guests.So much to do…to sleep 😴 I go! Good night πŸ’€πŸŒ™

Day 48 – A Day Around Town

Thursday is clothes market day. It starts at the square with various goods, mostly clothes but sunglasses πŸ•Ά, shoes & household items can be found there. Always something to buy or be found. Steve & I started out finding some things for we needed for our garden party Sunday. The day was so beautiful 🌞so it was easy to stroll the streets. We walked by the sea with crashing ways & a warm winds.We choose a place nearby to have lunch. Sharon & Tom joined us after they finished shopping πŸ› at the market. Sitting outside on a beautiful day made for a perfect lunch.🍷The afternoon went by quickly with Steve working and me making plans for the party. We had a date to walk along the sea 🌊 to take pictures as the light started changing. We certainly weren’t alone but it was beautiful.Still light on the village.As the sun was setting…..We headed back stopping in a new place for a drink & then at a lovely French restaurant. It is run by a husband & wife and we made a reservation to have dinner there Saturday night with our guests that are coming into town. Looking forward to seeing them.Goodnight….πŸŒ™